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Edelenbos Executive Solutions

Corporate advisor, executive, problem solver, and sounding board.

About Nicole Edelenbos

Nicole Edelenbos has seen and done a lot in her career. She has a legal and philosophical background. She has worked as a claims handler and underwriter at an industrial insurer, as a lawyer, and as a director and executive of various companies in diverse sectors such as insurance, real estate, football, media, and business services.

She also enjoys serving in supervisory roles at various organisations. Her philosophical background is particularly useful as she has been delving into dealing with and bridging differences for decades. Among people (gender, ethnicity, culture), between teams (merged, different functions), and between departments (mergers, reorganizations). True diversity is recognizing and acknowledging the otherness of others and valuing that and being willing to give space for it.

In 2015, she founded Future Female Leaders, an educational institute focusing on the personal development of leadership, particularly but not exclusively for ambitious women.

Nicole is an independent thinker with a distinctive style of decisiveness and clarity focused on personal connections and insight into people.


What does she have to offer?

Advisory & research, executive & supervisory

  • Uncovering the underlying question behind the question. Identifying the core of the problem and addressing it with the sensitivities that may be involved.
  • Enhancing corporate governance & culture.
  • Decisive decision-maker and problem solver.

Coaching & training

  • (Team) coaching; identifying what (unconsciously) obstructs, hinders, and leads to less effective behavior;
  • Education and training in personal development and leadership.

Search interim and permanent

Advising on and selecting the right people for executive or supervisory roles, drawing from her network.

What else?

Speaker, moderator, workshops on topics such as diversity, setting boundaries, enforcement and respect, and the art of supervision, the art of balance (between work/private life, humor/seriousness, tradition/innovation, politics/ethics).