Support & Consultancy

What sets us apart is that we listen to clients not only in order to analyse what they are saying, but also to identify what they need on an intuitive basis.

By listening to what they say and identifying what lies behind this, we can offer solutions that are a better reflection of the client’s reality.

Executive solutions

We support and advise directors and supervisors – both Supervisory Boards and Boards of Commissioners – on organizational matters, cooperation issues and governance issues. Working with managers and supervisors, we look at questions such as: is the organizational structure right for the future? Is everyone in the right place? Are the right people in place to realize your strategy in the short term and the longer term?

(Interim) management

It is impossible to achieve change without changing the wider setting. To make the required change a reality, we look at the substantive experience of (interim) directors, supervisors and managers. But, most importantly , we look at their personal characteristics and motivations.

The quality of our advice comes down to the size of our national and international network and the personal substantive experience and know-how of our experts in the sectors in which we operate.

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